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New Air Jordan 19 Flint 2019 Shoes Just Released A Few Days Ago

New Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year 2019 Shoes Are About To Release

New ‘Fortnite’ Season 7 Start Date Officially Revealed By Epic Games

New Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Premiere Date Finally Revealed By CBS

New ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Very Important, Inside Details Revealed By The Producer


Pretty Little Liars Jenna Marshall Star Tammin Sursok Sadly Revealed She Lost 2 Babies And More

Hey, Pretty Little Liars fans. Yes, we’re still waiting for new details to pop up about the new “Perfectionists” spin-off. But in the meantime, Pretty Little Liars alum Tammin Sursok recently chimed in with some very sad news. Most of you guys may recall Tammin as the scandalous blind girl Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars. Read more »

Three New Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades You’re Guaranteed To Get Have Been Revealed

Happy Monday, Kingdom Hearts fans. In this latest article, we’ve got some pretty important intel to share with you guys in regards to some guaranteed keyblades that will be available for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 release. One thing to really make note of is that these particular keyblades are only guaranteed if you pre-order the game. Apparently, these keyblades are being added as a bonus for pre-ordering it. Read more »

New ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoiler Teasers Revealed For January 22, 2019 Episode

Happy Monday,”Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys had another great weekend. Today’s January 21, 2019 episode featured some more very emotional scenes. We, of course, got our daily dose of Hope crying up a storm on somebody’s shoulder. Today, it was Liam who got to drown in Hope’s tears.

Hope’s mental state has gone from sad to just outright disturbing. Read more »

Pokemon Go Accounts Are Reportedly Disappearing And A New Pokemon Event Is Happening Now

Hey, Pokemon Go fans. Unfortunately, we’ve got some pretty disturbing news for you guys in this report. It turns out that a lot of Pokemon Go accounts are starting to disappear with no solution to get them back!

According to the folks over at Comicbook.com, it started off as a pretty small thing with this happening to just a few accounts. Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope Is About To Attack Liam In Future Episodes

Happy Sunday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got some new, startling news to let you guys know about. CBS released a couple of new storyline teasers that we can expect to see in some future episodes. One of them really stood out. It turns out that Hope will continue to be highly distraught and stressed out over losing baby Beth. In fact, she will be so stressed out that not even her adoring husband Liam will be free from her wrath of lashing out. Read more »

Disney World Added Lots Of New Entertainment Shows To Kick Off 2019

Happy Sunday, Disney World fans. If any of you were wondering what’s new at Disney World these days, this is the article for you. It turns out that they’ve got a couple of big, special events going on right now that feature some of the biggest characters in Disney World history!

First up, is a Mickey and Minnie Celebration special. According to Themeparktourist.com , this special features a refreshed Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party that runs multiple times daily on the hub in front of Cinderella Castle. Read more »

Grey’s Anatomy Former April Kepner Star Sarah Drew Recently Spoke About Her Departure Again

Happy Sunday, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. We’ve got a new report for all of you Sarah Drew aka April Kepner fans out there. It turns out that she had little bit more to say about her departure from Grey’s Anatomy with the folks over at Us Magazine . Read more »

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Reese Will Get Highly Questioned About Where He Got That New Baby This Week

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. We’ve got some very interesting news to share with you today regarding Reese and that cute, adorable baby he’s trying to sell off to the highest bidder. It turns out that he’s going to get highly questioned about where he exactly got this baby. What’s more interesting is the person who’s questioning him about it. Read more »

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 First Head Of Household Winner Already Reportedly Leaked

Happy Saturday, fellow Big Brother fans. We’ve got some major news for you guys in this latest Big Brother report. As most of you know, the cast for the second season of Celebrity Big Brother have already entered the house as of Monday night, January 14, 2019. They always enter the house a week before the televised premiere date. So, the action is going down right now as wee speak! Read more »

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15, January 24, 2019 Episode 10 Storyline Teasers Revealed By ABC

Happy Friday, Grey’s Anatomy fans. We hope you guys enjoyed last night’s new episode 9. Now that it’s in the books, it’s time to go over what’s in store for the upcoming episode 10. ABC recently released a press release for the new episode 10.

Before we get into it, we need to tell you guys that this article does contain light spoiler teasers. So, if you don’t want to see any spoiler teasers, it’s highly suggested that you stop reading this article right now. Read more »